Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to Survive the Humidity of Virginia

You can't. 
Hee Hee

Humidity influences not only the heat, but also the cold, making either temperature exponentially more extreme. The cold feels wet and bone chilling. The Heat feels stifling and smothering. Here is how we survived.

1) We blasted our AC/ Heat. We live in a complex that includes utilities in our rent. That has been a lifesaver. We used our heat and AC as often and as long as we wanted. This made us SO comfortable in our own home.

2) Use a pool. Pools help so much in the Summer time. They help you cool off and enjoy being outside. Our apt. complex had a pool, but if it hadn't, I wouldn't paid for a membership.

3) Clothing choices. Check the temperature. Check it often and plan accordingly. In the summer, wear lots of deodorant because you will be hot and you will sweat. In the summer wear as few clothes as you can. Old Navy and Target have great long shorts to keep you modest. Or make your own cut offs. In the winter, layer, layer, layer. It will help with the cold. 

4) Mentally preparation is key. If you know its going to be hot or cold, it helps. 

We'll miss the wonderful weather of Virginia, but maybe not the humidity. 

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  1. LOL! Thanks! So I've been to VA lots of times now, but I've only ever been there in the cold winter and nasty, hot summer. I've heard spring and fall are lovely there....or so I keep telling myself. Thanks for the tips!